About Novels

Novels is a curated collection of Scandinavian-style sewing patterns. Celebrating the joy of creation, Novels is on a gentle mission to empower even beginners to make their own, more sustainable wardrobe essentials.

Novels is founded on the idea that a self-made garment should not make you feel any less gorgeous than a piece of clothing from your most-loved ready-to-wear brand. Instead, a self-made piece of clothing should make you feel so cool and confident that you want to wear it to a festival, date, business meeting or any other occasion that matters to you. The design mission of Novels is to create uncomplicated yet sophisticated sewing patterns suitable for many body shapes and skill-levels.

These days, loving fashion is complicated. Making your own clothes does not guarantee sustainability, but at least you know who put the hours in to make the garment. Often that also makes you treasure your ready-made pieces even more. I encourage you to look for surplus and vintage fabrics for your projects. By purchasing a Novels product, you support local small businesses and freelancers.

Novels is a tiny-scale counter movement toward fast fashion but more importantly, it is fuelled by the joy of creation and self-expression. There is certain magic in being able to create something from scratch.


Happy Sewing,