Frequently asked questions

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I did not receive my order confirmation email, what should I do?

You should receive your order confirmation immediately after the purchase. If you do not receive your order, please check your spam folder first. If you can not found it there, send a message to

How do I print the A4 size pattern at home?

When you purchase a product, you will received the PDF pattern in two sizes: A4 size for printing on several sheets (suitable for home printers) and A0 size for printing in one copy (suitable for copy shop use).

Both variations are multi-layered PDFs, where different sizes are layered in the file. If you want, you can choose to print only your own size on the sheet. If you print for example with Adobe Reader: select only your size layer and the text layer (total two layers) for the printout. Without separate selections, all sizes will be printed from the file. Please note that printing should be done in actual size, not scaled. Use the 10x10 cm test square to ensure that the printout is at the correct scale.

After printing, assemble the pattern using the layout guide found in the printout.

How do I assemble the PDF pattern?

The printout includes a guide on how to layout the sheets. Tape the pattern sheets together using the alignment numbers (A1, A2, A3 etc.). Assembling the PDF pattern might feel tricky at first. This video shows one simple way to do it (in Finnish and English).

What if the pattern changes after I have purchased it?

Sometimes the patterns and instructions might need a little tweaking. You will automatically receive the latest version via email if you have purchased the pattern earlier.

How do I choose the right fabric for my garment?

Each product has a recommendation of what kind of fabric or fabrics work well for the garment. You can find the fabric requirements and descriptions from the product page and instructions (once you have purchased the pattern). We encourage you to utilise thrifted or surplus fabrics.